Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Today at 11.30am, hordes of students will be protesting against the forthcoming increases in university fees. The Guardian website is broadcasting live feeds of the protest and students are tweeting as the day goes on. Although the act hasn't been passed yet, I hope this protest brings awareness to the issue and contributes to the eventual decision by the government.

The government increased the number of students at university during the Labour years, which has now led to increased competition and an increase in educational spending. For some unfortunate reason the current government, ahem, the Conservatives, have decided this is a viable area to make cuts and increase fees to contribute towards Britain's extreme debt. If this is passed, it will create embarrassment for the Liberal Democrats (who have always been against fee increases) and, I believe, will result in a future of professional uncertainty.

As Jeevan Vasagar, the Guardian's education editor says 'the cuts are expected to hit the arts and humanities hardest' and it is truly an issue for anyone who hopes to enter either industry in the near future.

Read the full interview and keep up to speed with the progress of the protest at:

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the protest myself, but I will be following the events closely.

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