Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Here in Liverpool, people have the tendency to refer to Dame Vivienne Westwood as 'Our Viv'. Too familiar perhaps, but intended with the best of feeling. Vivienne Westwood is one of the very few designers who people easily identify with; as if one could have a cup of tea with her and it would be nothing out of the ordinary. As well as her legendary design aesthetics, it is her mentality that has captured the hearts of the nation - she is a true eccentric.

Opening between the 26th August and the 22nd September in Selfridges, London is an exhibition showcasing her amazing shoe designs. Of course everyone envisions the bondage trousers, the punk era and maybe even her dabble with New-Romanticism and Renaissance fashions, but only recently has a lot of attention been focused on the shoes of Vivienne Westwood. Ever since her affordable collaboration with Melissa, fashionistas have been going mad for her sweet-smelling shoes. I also truly think that Liverpool has an affinity with Westwood that goes above and beyond that of any other it is my duty to let people know about this amazing exhibition and let them flock there in their droves.

Friday, 6 August 2010


Unless you have been holidaying on the Moon for the past three months, you won't have failed to have heard about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has caused untold damage to the environment, animals and the local communities. You also may have heard that recently Vogue Italia has published an editorial featuring model Kristen McMenamy draped over rocks and sand representing the fallen birds and dead fish, cleverly using a variety of feathered garments and dark accessories in a palette of grey and black.
The photographer is none other than Steven Meisel, who frequently champions political and/or social causes through his photography work (most notably in 2006, were he did an editorial exploring terrorism following the 9/11 attacks).
Here are some images of the editorial and of the tarred animals off the Gulf of Mexico....

The editorial has been savaged by most critics and Vogue has been unfairly blamed for using such an economical disaster as a way to sell issues and create a buzz. That may be your opinion but it is not mine. Yes, the fashion world is often accused of exploiting issues such as this, but the film industry and the literary world are no better. I believe that by transforming a human (albeit a model) into the position of vulnerability and sympathy, it enables other people to visualise the oil spill as a true disaster of enormous scale, and perhaps understand properly the effect such a thing can have on the environment. I think the issue has been handled carefully and sincerely, because, in all fairness the clothes are not showcased to the best of their ability, which brings me to consider the fact that that was not the ultimate goal of the editorial. Plus Meisel's input offers me some reassurance.

What do you think?

For updates on how BP are handling the oil spill, please visit and click the 'Gulf of Mexico response' tab at the top of the page.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


As I flicked through this months Vogue, I realised that two particular advertising campaigns made me stop and stare. This doesn't happen very often let me tell you (see Loewe, Burberry and Michael Kors for reasons why...) And so I decided they needed to be featured on here. In this economic climate, advertising is vital for those sales, and it needs to pack a punch.

The series of Dolce & Gabbana adverts featuring Madonna are both exciting, intriguing and individual. The concept is new and daring - begs the question of why Mr. D and Mr. G have never done it before! Ok, so I'm really not Madonna's biggest fan, but even I have to admit that she really works in this series of adverts, posing as the Italian bombshell in a traditional family. I enjoy the gritty realism of the images and the use of a variety of people which culminates in an effective family portrayal. In a way, Madonna does not automatically stand out as the star of the adverts. I am also a great fan of black and white images, as I'm sure you will grow to learn, so this aspect has a double thumbs up from me!

The Louis Vuitton adverts for the new season are just exquisite. Featuring Karen Elson, Natalia Vodianova and Christy Turlington, they cannot fail to impress. I just adore the composition, the subtle lighting and of course the beautiful garments. I think the models look somewhat like dolls; they just look perfect - perhaps too perfect? Well, it is Louis Vuitton so only the best will do. A classic, I feel.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I love the quaint English countryside. Truly inspiring.