Tuesday, 9 November 2010


An article on the prweek.com website has recently come to my attention. It concerns the demand, or lack thereof, in the opinion of Andrew Marr, of bloggers in the current promotional and public relation industries. Here is the link....


There are some interesting points made; about the five types of blogger in the current markets.....

1. Experts
2. Hobby bloggers
3. Mummy bloggers
4. Professional bloggers
5. Opinion bloggers

....and there are some insightful statistics concerning how much trust is placed in the information given by bloggers - to be honest, the figures are a little lower than I thought they would be!
I count myself amongst the 'opinion' tribe. I am by no means a fashion expert but I do have strong opinions about the industry and it's influence on society (or vice versa), which luckily cannot be deemed 'right' or 'wrong'. I got into blogging because I wanted to have my say and discuss important and relevant issues with people who are on the same wavelength, and my opinion of this issue is that bloggers and journalists fulfill very different roles in society.

Bloggers are allowed opinions, theories and ideas which people can relate to and embrace. They are also broadcasting in real-time and real-life. Journalists must generally remain impartial and informative. They pretend to know everything, whereas bloggers can admit they don't. Journalists don't connect with people on the same level as bloggers. The relationship is formal and distanced. Nevertheless, we need journalists, just as, in this developing digital world, we need us bloggers.

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